Saturday, November 6, 2010

A new life in our family

Baby Payton is here!  She was born on November 5th at 3:57 PM.  Weighed 8 pounds 13 oz and is 20 inches long.  It was an amazing experience to be in the delivery room with Shaylee and Sean.  I had so many flashbacks to when Shay was born 20+ years ago.  The birth of a baby is an incredibly spirtual experience.  I was so emotional as she first entered the world.  It is really something when your baby girl is having a baby girl.  Shaylee did so great, I am really proud of her.  Sean was amazing too, always by her side and giving so much love and support.

I am already so in love with Payton and she only one day old.  She has the sweetest spirit about her and seems to have a lot of personality.  She already has many admirers.  The visitors are constant and many.  Sean is really steping into the role of Father.  He changed two messy diapers the first night and is so attentive to Shay and Payton.  I feel so confident in their future.  They have learned and grown so much throughout the pregnancy.

Being a grandpa is much better than I had imagined.  It is the best feeling to enjoy all the great things of having a baby and yet you are not responsible for raising them.  Anna has been so helpful and sweet with Shaylee and Payton.  We look forward to being a big part of her life and the positive part of being young grandparents, we will be part of her life for a long time.  It is a life changing experience to see your family grow again after so many years.  This is certaintly one of the great highlights in this life.  Its all about family!

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